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Multidiscipline, 102 Beds, 4 Theatres, 6 000 m2 Hospital


Approval was received to commence on 31 May 2001 in an area called “Die Boord” (the orchard), the remainder of an old farm - after a year long search for the right location which included satisfying our neighbours requests. Conditions were terrible and the water ground table was that of the natural level and 60m away from a river. An additional expense, to put a roof over the theatre and two ward blocks on steel columns, paid off as it was the wettest winter in decades. We had the structure manufactured offsite and a group of ten Medi-Clinic employees manufactured the shutters and cast the bases and stub columns and ten days later could start the building under cover and saved months on the programme. As our first small, cottage type hospital, the first square-ward-block design was introduced with the furthest patient 13 m from the central nurse station. Designed in-house and speed being of importance, the Technical and Procurement departments moved to the site and shared the pharmacy with the management team who lived throughout the project with us. It has since being extended and is a model for a medium size town.

My Whoa Moments:

There are many. A video has been made of this project, but of all the long days and nights working together as a team, the one thing that stands out above all else is the fact that all the gardens, all the trees, the rose gardens and the berms were done by our own staff. Nurses got stuck in, carried boulders and helped shape the berms with wheelbarrows. On the day of the opening, few of us could wear shoes as we had so many blisters on our feet!

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