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Multidiscipline, 220 Beds, 9Theatres, 20 000 m2 Hospital


The hospital has a rural Cape Dutch feeling to it and was originally opened in 1995 with eighty (80) beds and (3) three theatres. After massive extensions including a Surgery Centre - a South African first – a 24 bed ICU/HC, a 34 bed medical ward, 4 theatres, additions to the ER, Kitchen, Pediatrics, Maternity and Reception and a parking deck, the new Durbanville was completed in 2007. The fact that it is on one level with twelve (12) gardens between the buildings brings nature into the patient areas and with wide spacious corridors gives a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility. A wide spectrum of specialties is attended to by 163 doctors. This hospital is the definition of a suburban, almost rural design.

My Whoa Moments:

Planning and building extensions in a very busy hospital - 86%+ occupancy with surgery going on till deep into the night - it was again through great leadership by the management team, that an extremely difficult project was successfully completed, irrespective of dust and mud. It remains one of my favourites to show to visitors as you always walk out feeling like a “new dollar”.

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