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Multidiscipline, 238 Bed, 8 Theatre, 34 000 m2 Hospital


Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic, with the Constantia Mountains as a backdrop opened on 1 March 1988. The hospital's ICU, theatre and neo-natal units are seen as a model for design by the CSIR. In designing Constantiaberg we had the advantage of utilising the experience gained during the construction of the hospitals in Morningside, Panorama and Mitchells Plain in the planning and thereby greatly improving on it. This was also our second hospital that was designed in-house and we had gained so much understanding and insight of flow and operational matters - in excess of 4 000 lessons learned; traffic studies done at Panorama and Sandton; as well as over 300 products and building elements in hand to use. The fact that it was the first hospital to be built under the new and very strict Fire Regulations came as a blessing as it coped extremely well with two fires. The full spectrum of services is covered, with 130 doctors involved, and Constantiaberg has internationally renowned super specialized units in heamotology and epilepsy, 19 ICU/HC and 8 neo-natal beds. The first, and still only, locally manufactured theatre tables were installed here as was the case with theatre air-conditioning. Nelson Mandela was a patient during the time of his imprisonment at Robben Island and was allocated a whole ward. To this day he refers to the management, staff and doctors as “my friends in Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic”.

My Whoa Moments:

As a new hospital, the management team were moulded together and lived through the dramas of construction, but on the eve of inspection, I asked for volunteers to work through the night. All 105 stepped forward to offer their services and the hospital was clean and ready an hour before inspection and we passed with flying colours.

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