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Multidiscipline, 150 Bed, 5 Theatre, 14 300 m2 Hospital


The Volks Hospital (volks meaning nation) nestled on the slopes of Table Mountain, was originally built by the Dutch Reformed Church in 1930. Although of great historical value, the building had deteriorated to the point that it was close to closing its doors. Medi-Clinic bought the hospital in 1998 and completely renovated the building which included partially rebuilding parts of it. The extent to which the building was gutted is difficult to comprehend – at one point half the building had to be structurally propped, columns removed and recast on new bases from under the basement level to the fourth floor. This historic building now houses state of the art equipment, luxurious accommodation and has often been described as better than many a five star hotel by tourists visiting Cape Town. The spectacular views from all sides of the hospital, namely that of Table Mountain, Signal Hill, Table Bay, Robben Island and Devil's Peak are worth a mention. The 118 doctors specialize from delivery, maternity to the aged, a real hospital for Life!

My Whoa Moments:

On Friday mornings we would sit on the roof, enjoying a pot of coffee and watch the sun rise over the Cape Peninsula and experience the city waking up. As a result of severe rain, strikes and bad conditions on site, we covered the building sides with “cling-wrapped” scaffold towers, fed the workers 1 000 warm pies per day, set targets on Thursday evenings and worked through the night while the project team kept everyone on site fed. So, these long hours meant that we could have a long weekend every week! It sounded farfetched but it worked and the sight of the faces of all the workers come Friday morning, was something which I will take to the grave!

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