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At the time of my retirement I was actively involved with 32 projects, and started consulting for the group that has now grown to 80 hospitals worldwide. Since then I've been involved with the construction, commissioning of theatre air-conditioning, nurse call and licensing of The CITY HOSPITAL and re-design of the WELCARE HOSPITAL in DUBAI.
UAE visit resulted in the acquisition of the Varkey Group and the new hospital group in Dubai and construction starts on The City Hospital. The Morningside and Sandton projects are successfully completed and well worth the money spent.
With planning underway for the Cape Gate MC, we realize that the cost of property escalated to the extent that all future projects could be jeopardized if proper studies are not done. I do a study on property vs. project cost and write a 50 point report on what to be aware of when purchasing land.
Visit the UAE to expand in the Middle East and find vast opportunities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but realize that the challenge would be enormous in terms of culture, construction, banking etc. and decide to proceed in Dubai.
After almost 18 years of negotiating with the Government, Hermanus MC is selected as a Public Private Partnership project, backed by the SA Minister of Finance. After months of negotiating and even determining the size and internal structure of a tomato, we walk away from the idea. During winter we organize a very emotional and successful function for Retired Directors that backed and helped us to make Medi-Clinic what it is to date.
Visit Australia to investigate the possibility of expanding the Medi-Clini Group abroad but we find similar conditions of over saturation there. Construction on Morningside and Sandton starts and is completed in 2007.
A bomb explodes at Morningside when virtually the whole Cardiac Team of 32 Doctors leave to an opposition hospital, and starts months of planning and discussion to save the hospital and a R200m is approved. Soon the same unhappiness leads to a further R200m being approved for upgrade and extensions to Sandton, the third in 20 years.
Visit USA We do due diligence on USPI and study SURGI-CENTRES at Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Worth, New Jersey, Long Island, New York, and the sister Group, USPE in Madrid, Barcelona in order for us to invest in this massive Group. Totally satisfied the investment is blocked by the SA Reserve Bank, a serious mistake which was later proven! During the year we start with George MC under almost impossible site conditions, but again it turns out to be a winner.
The Bloemfontein MC project is finally approved after 16 complete designs and costing were done and we were tired after 4 years of planning and not one brick laid, but it soon turns into a stunning experience!
We have been planning massive extensions to Bloemfontein MC and under severe pressure a second Cathlab is temporarily installed in the Restaurant!
Vergelegen MC Heart Unit is completed under very difficult conditions with theatres and wards in operation with roofs having to be taken off, slabs cast and replaced but eventually turns out to be a stunning unit. The Hospiplan Hospitals were taken over with hospitals in Hermanus, Strand, Durbanville, Kimberley, Upington, Nelspruit, Limpopo and Swakopmund
Klein Karoo MC in Oudshoorn is opened after a furious fight against the elements. External walls had to be covered with plastic to not only dry, but not be washed off, three days after painting! Time stood still on the night before opening as the impossible happened with trucks with ceilings, equipment and the Board of Loftys flew in to assist, even the pilot helped install ceilings.
Takeover of the Hydromed Group an additional 4 hospitals with hospitals in Bloemfontein, Welkom, Harmelia (JHB) and Trichardt
Designed, built and commissioned Stellenbosch, Hoogland and Panorama Heart Unit which was the first in the terms of ICU/High Care, Layout and Total Information Accessibility. The takeover of the Medicor Group- changed our emphasis from new developments to upgrades Group jumps from 9 to 20 hospitals
Received the Cullinum Award for Engineering Excellence for the first (and still, the only) OPERATING THEATRE TABLE built in South Africa.
Medical Innovations is the first South African company to exhibit at MEDICA, World Exhibition in Hanover, GERMANY. Visited Harley Street, Wellington, Princess Grace, Cromwell and other hospitals in London, UNITED KINGDOM to share information and ensure that we were on a par with our international colleagues/players.
Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic opens its doors and can boast with the CSIR's accolade of BEST PRACTICES APPLIED by a private hospital in terms of ICU, Theatre and Neo-Natal design. The shortage of equipment and building elements resulted in the development of over 230 products. This led to the formation of the capital equipment company MEDICAL INNOVATIONS, to which I was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Mitchell's Plain Medi-Clinic was the very first private high rise hospital and another first was a locally manufactured materials handling system. Constructed during the worst riots ever in SA, this was a dream project, we were accepted by all and we formed and built the most amazing team and hospital, also the most difficult to say goodbye to!
Completed and commissioned Panorama Medi-Clinic, the first new private hospital to be designed in a decade, implementing all the knowledge gained from the USA and German trip.
Officially joined the Medi-Clinic Group Appointed as Technical Director to the Corprated Board. Traveled to Hanover in GERMANY and New York, Grand Rapids, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Miami in the UNITED STATES as well as Rio de Janeiro in BRAZIL and visited eleven hospitals in order to study materials handling, bar-coding and central supply systems.
My FIRST Hospital the construction of Panorama Medi-Clinic and my introduction to this new and fascinating Industry and the incredibly complicated but fascinating world of hospitals.
Appointed to Rembrandt as the Factory Engineer at Paarl, South Africa where I subsequently joined the South African Production Management Team as Southern Engineer for the Rembrandt Group. Additional responsibilities that formed part of my portfolio which I managed were:
  • the well known Fleur du Cap, country estate and training centre for the Group
  • the executive airline's facility - Falcon Air - at Cape Town International and
  • IL Back, the Group's interest in the clothing industry.
Appointed as Project Manager for Rothmans International at Darlington United Kingdom to facilitate and manage the building of an Export (cigarette manufacturing) Factory. This project won the Queens Award for Export Achievement.
Assistant Manager of Rupert International's Tobacco Research and Development Institute in Stellenbosch, South Africa
Appointed as Project Engineer at Rothmans in Zimbabwe and Zambia for the total re-layout of factory. Facilitated the introduction of pneumatic flow and dust extraction systems including building extensions. Promoted to acting Chief Engineer and Factory Manager during main project.
I was part of the team that designed the Rembrandt Heidelberg factory which included the first French cigarette plant in South Africa.

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