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James studied Civil Engineering at University of Stellenbosch ( NC) and did practical in Namibia and Germany. He later attended the Cape University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering and attained The Government Certificate of Competence, Mechanical and Electrical.

He joined the Rupert International Technical Centre as a member of their Design Team in 1972 and did service as Project Engineer for Rothmans, in Zimbabwe .(1974-1976) The work included the re-layout of the entire factory, introduced pneumatic feed and extraction systems and building extensions.

On his return he was promoted to Assistant Manager of RITC, Tobacco Research & Development Institute, during 1997 he was seconded to Rothmans International in the UK and formed part of an advance team to build an export factory at Darlington. The development won the Queens Award for Export Achievement and he returned to South Africa at the end of 1978 and was appointed Factory Engineer at Rembrandt, Paarl.

In addition to the above he served on the Rembrandt South Africa Production Team with additional responsibility as Southern Engineer at other Group involvements such as I L Back, Fleur du Cap and Falcon Air.

The building of Panorama hospital, the first new hospital of the fledgling Medi-Clinic Group, was added to the above during October 1984. He joined Medi Clinic as Chief Engineer and was promoted to the Executive Committee and Corporate Board where he served for 24 years. During this period the group grew from 5 employees to 17 000 and hospitals from 3 to 80 in South Africa, Namibia, Dubai and Switzerland.

He was involved in the building of a Technical team from one to around 500, started a medical equipment company, Medical Innovations (MI) in 1988. As a member of a small team that designed the first, and still the only, Operating Theatre Table built in SA, won the SABS/Cullinum Award for Engineering Excellence during 1990. MI today offers in excess of 250 products on the market.

He was involved in the design, building and commissioning of 10 new hospitals and in more than 100 projects involving additions, complete redesigns and upgrades. His team made more than 15 000 changes to flow, layout, equipment design and building methods in Private Hospitals.

James co-wrote the B Criteria for the licensing of private hospitals and served on various SA Private Hospital Industry forums.

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